Fees and Conditions

Medicare subsidies available

A person can access up to 10 sessions each year with a psychologist if they have a Mental Health Treatment Plan prepared by a GP or psychiatrist. Medicare provides a rebate toward the cost of the session. The up-front cost to you will be $200 a session. Medicare will then refund you $124.50 per session and you can claim this refund on the spot. Engaging Minds Clinical Psychology does not offer bulk-billing. Most private health funds also provide rebates for psychological services if the person is not eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Please ask your particular fund about the rebate they provide for psychological consultations.

Cancellations or Non Attendance

If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason, please telephone at least 24 hours in advance so that another person on the waiting list can have that appointment time. If you give less than 24 hours’ notice, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged. If you do not attend and give no notice, then you will be charged the full cost of the missed appointment ($195 or $165 concession). Please note that a missed appointment fee cannot be claimed through Medicare.


Any information you disclose to a psychologist is confidential. This means that the psychologist will not share any information about you to another person unless you give your permission. There are some exceptions to this. If the psychologist thought you were at risk of harming yourself or another person, then she has an obligation to disclose the minimal amount of information necessary to try and prevent that from happening. Also, if the psychologist believes a child or teenager may be, or has been subject to physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect, then she must report this to the authorities by law. Psychologists must also report unregistered firearms.

Process for referrals

GPs and psychiatrists please address referrals to Engaging Minds Clinical Psychology and fax to 8317 6838 or email to admin@engagingminds.com.au. For Medicare referrals, both the referral letter and a copy of the Mental Health Treatment Plan are appreciated.